Frequently Asked Questions about our Weims

How big does the Weimaraner get?

It depends on whether you get a male or female Weimaraner.
Average male weimaraners stand 24-27 inches tall and weigh 70-90 pounds. We have one male (Ben) that is a little larger at 110 pounds. 
Average female weimaraners stand 22-25 inches tall and weigh 55-70 pounds.

Do Weimaraner's eyes stay baby blue? 

Those mesmerizing blue weimaraner puppy eyes usually turn to a blue-gray or light amber color as they grow into adult weimaraners. We have had a maybe three adult dogs that I know of keeping anything like blue eyes past 6 months.  

What is the best way to potty-train a Weimaraner?

The most efficient way to potty-train your Weimaraner is to purchase a pet-taxi or dog crate. We especially recommend a new kennel called the "Potty Training Puppy Apartment".  A puppy will avoid eliminating in the same place where he sleeps.  It is important that you give the pup many opportunities to go outside and potty. A young pup has a small bladder needs to go outside about every two hours. Prime times to take your pup out are first thing in the morning, right after they eat, after they play, and right before bedtime. Remember, if a puppy makes a mistake, it may not be his fault, it was the fact that he wasn't offered the designated place to go at the time he needed to go. If you stay consistent, your pup will be potty-trained in short order.